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Courses & Training - Personal Instruction

Shooting Lessons Tailored To Your Needs

Whether you are just learning how to shoot, or you are an advanced shooter wanting to sharpen your skills, our instructors can tailor offerings to any skill level. Learn everything from simple aiming to drawing and firing from concealment. Practice drawing and firing from different body positions at targets with varying angles.

Discount Firearms and Ammo's NRA and PILB instructors have extensive military, law enforcement and security experience, so n
o matter what you seek to learn, we have the skilled instructors to give you the one-on-one attention that will help you get there! Receive individualized firearms instruction on the range or in our classroom. Our instructors can help you improve your shooting skills or learn how to maintain your firearm. The rate for personal instruction is only $35 per 1/2 hour. Call the store today at 702-567-1158 to schedule your one-on-one training!

We encourage you to come on in every once in awhile to ensure your own proficiency. Your safety matters and we want to ensure you’re better at what you do with your firearm and how to become better and more proficient with your own firearm. We also offer one-on-one block training with instruction for about an hour at a time. We’ll actually work with you and your firearm to ensure you have a better understanding of your firearm and what you do in your own personal defense. Come visit us here at Discount Firearms and Ammo.
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