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Shooting Range

Enjoy our 14-lane shooting range, and you can even bring your own guns and ammo!

Our 25-yard indoor range features 14 lanes with easy-to-use digital controls and advanced features like 360-degree target rotation and random edging for advanced instruction. Range fees are $10 per person for an unlimited amount of time on our range, and include eye and ear protection.

We use a computer controlled medical grade air exchanger that replaces the entire 64,000cuft volume of air inside the range every 80 seconds. This system allows us to filter out the lead, gunpowder, and other particulates from the ambient air for the health and safety of our visitors. This allows our guests the greatest flexibility on ammunition compared to all other indoor ranges in Las Vegas. The only ammunition that is restricted on the range is incendiary, tracer, armor piercing, and shotgun rounds, as these have the potential to cause damage or pose safety hazards at an indoor range.

Come see why hundreds of thousands of previous range users have found our range to be the best in Las Vegas.

Range Fee:  $10 (all-inclusive, includes eye and ear protection).
Range Hours:  Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 11am-6pm.
Range Features:  Medical-grade air exchanger (making it the cleanest range in town), bring your own guns and ammo, no time limits, no hidden fees.

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